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Nurture and heal your body, mind, and soul with irene’s dream

handcrafted. cold-pressed. raw

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Irene’s Dream was founded with a spirited heart and an ambitious goal - to offer the purest, cold pressed juices, delicious superfood smoothies, elixirs and nutritious food that help towards a happier mind, body, and soul, while leading the way for socially-conscious initiatives.

Every idea starts with that moment when you realize something is missing. What was missing for us?  A “McHealthy”. Where does someone go when they're on the go but they need something to eat or drink? More often than not, gas stations, packaged supermarket foods, or fast food chains are the only option. This leaves you feeling satisfied at first but bloated, cranky, tired, thirsty and hungry for more crappy sugary foods soon after. The other option is to make it at home which can be quite time consuming in our busy lives. This brought us to develop the first cold pressed juice, juice cleanse elixirs, smoothies and healing food delivery service in SWFL. We deliver to your home or office from Punta Gorda to Naples.

We do not add any sugar, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals or any other additives to our products. To create our cold pressed juices and goods. We teamed up with a local farmer offering natura non gmo produce.

Juicing is a natural way to feed our bodies with essential minerals, vitamins, and living enzymes. Almost all of the nutrients our bodies need can be found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables. If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?


Upcoming Events



Juice Cleanse

We thrive offering you the best juice cleanse. We live in such a toxic environment from the air, food, water that our body deserves to take a break and heal.



For the individual that works around the clock, wants to be healthy but is always on the go. Now there is a solution, let us keep your fridge stocked and your body thriving. 


events + catering

Have us at your next event or let us cater to your work party, wedding, birthday, and etc. We can set up or deliver.

Group Juice Cleanse

Enjoy our group juice cleanse with special discounts!