How to incorporate into your morning routine

the 10-days celery juice challenge is simple. Every morning, you will drink 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. It’ll be plain celery juice with no other ingredients. Just wait 20 minutes to eat breakfast or taking your ginger shot


Can I Just Eat My Celery?

You get benefits from eating celery but think of juice as a concentrated form of the veggie. It is not the same thing. While eating celery stalks is healthy and delicious in a salad, it is not the same as drinking pure celery juice. 16 oz of juice is A lot of stalk and you aren't going to eat a whole stalk of celery, but you can get the nutrient density of a whole stalk with a glass of celery juice!

When you juice celery, you remove the pulp, which contains fiber, and the healing benefits of the vegetable become that much more powerful and bioavailable. This is why it is recommended for people with chronic illnesses (Per Medical medium) . In addition, when drinking celery juice, you are actually consuming more celery than as raw celery stalks.

Another benefit of drinking celery juice is in the cluster salts. You cannot get these concentrated undiscovered cluster salts when eating celery. They are not just mineral salts, they are far more specialized. These unique cluster salts support the liver’s immune system and bind onto toxins to flush them out of the liver. The salts also provide help for your stomach to rebuild your hydrochloric acid that breaks down protein.

Last, but not least, drinking celery juice increases and strengthens your bile.


Some people may experience a change in their bowel movements when starting to consume celery juice. This is a normal detox reaction that some individuals who have a higher level of toxins may experience. Celery juice will kill off unproductive bacteria in the gut and will also help purge the liver. This can result in loose stools as the body pushes out the toxins from a very toxic liver. Almost everyone today has some degree of liver toxicity. The loose stools will pass as your body heals and you may notice your bowel movements become more regular and healthier.


All salt is not the same, just like all sugar is not the same. Consuming high fructose corn syrup, which is detrimental to health, is not the same as eating an apple, which can bring healing to the liver and provide a wealth of critical nutrients.

The sodium cluster groups in celery juice are a subgroup of sodium. Science and research have not even discovered all the variations of trace minerals and subgroups of sodium that reside in celery juice. Sodium cluster salts are healing for the body. 16oz of celery juice on a daily basis provides these sodium cluster salts we so greatly need.

celery juice Sodium custer salts are the only form of sodium that destroys pathogens, helps detox the body and helps restore electrolytes and neurotransmitter chemicals. The sodium in celery juice is a medicinal sodium that’s meant for your bloodstream and your body whereas you need to cautious of consuming too much of the type of sodium that comes in even the highest quality salts.


Celery juice is incredible for breastfeeding. It can provide an abundance of trace minerals, vitamin C and neurotransmitter chemicals such as the undiscovered sodium cluster salts for the baby to develop healthy, strong organs. Celery juice also helps clean and detoxify the breast milk, purifying it so the baby receives the purest breast milk possible.

Celery Juice Package

This Celery juice package includes 10 (16oz) juices and 10 (1oz) ginger shots. We deliver in two sets order 5/5 juices so juices and shots are fresh! For 10 days drink one juice each morning (the first thing you do upon waking!) to boost metabolism, alkalize your blood cells to bring balance to your internal system, clear skin and aid digestive system. The goal is to keep on going and add more nutrients to your lifestyle!

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